The CBD market is witnessing an upward trend owing to the growing realization of its commercial potential. CBD has been garnering a lot of attention from a medicinal perspective. The legalities surrounding CBD are shifting, paving a path for the flourishing industry.

The drift is visible in states in the US and across a substantial number of countries around the world. The global Cannabidiol (CBD) market is expected to gain further traction in the coming years due to its versatility.

Research that is still in preliminary stages points to the possible use of CBD in relieving chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. There are promising studies indicating that CBD could play a significant role in controlling or reducing seizures in epileptic patients.

New studies are constantly evolving, suggesting the relief that CBD can provide in cases of depression. Additionally, clinical trials are underway in assessing CBD’s possible use in improving the quality of sleep and, more importantly, to gauge its potential in addressing other ailments that stand to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Contrary to marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive. It does not make people high (or stoned). The really low levels of THC in CBD take care of this aspect. Users ingest it more so for the fact that it eases pains, aches, and stress.

Before all the benefits or the so-called therapeutic effects are fully realized, ensuring CBD gets absorbed in the body, specifically in the bloodstream, is essential. Route of administration is the key – this is where the concept of bioavailability comes into the picture. Bioavailability is the rate or degree at which the substance is absorbed, and yields expected results.

Every day a new, innovative product gets launched – oil, tincture, cream, gummies, etc. What sets the products apart is the amount of CBD absorbed. Extracts or oil, tinctures (placed under the tongue briefly before swallowing), and topical products are available.

However, CBD flower steals the show. It has been observed that inhaling has a bioavailability rate of 34% to 46%, at times as high as 56%, while for oral ingestion, the number is 10% to 20%, with tinctures being somewhere in between.

Hemp bud or CBD rich flower contains high CBD and low THC (less than 0.3%). The hemp plant is bursting with compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes that are believed to possess the ability to produce incredible effects. The CBD rich strain being bred is sold legally in the United States. Obtaining it is as simple as visiting a dispensary in states where it is recreationally legal, while in other states, it can be ordered online.

Let’s face it, with a new company emerging every other day, wanting a share of the lucrative industry, choosing the right one becomes an arduous task – myriad sources and a plethora of products at competitive prices. That is precisely why we compiled this list that serves as a guide, providing answers to questions revolving around buying hemp flower online.

Our favorite brands of hemp flower based on relevant criteria are graded and listed here:

Top 3 CBD Flower Brands Online

  1. Cheef Botanicals – High Quality & Editor’s Pick
  2. Cannaflower – Wide Variety
  3. CBD American Shaman – Best CBG Flower

Parameters for Picking CBD Flower/Bud Brands

Various criteria feature when choosing a product. Narrowing down to the top few involves scrutiny and comparison of all aspects. We rated the brands based on some critical parameters – methods adopted to grow, the brand’s reputation, traceability, transparency, and finally, ease of shopping.

Methods Adopted to Grow

With growing awareness regarding pesticides, there is an inclination for organic products. Organically grown ones take precedence.

When purchasing any product, factors such as small amounts of chemicals that may have inadvertently gotten in the hemp flower during cultivation are considered. We’ve probed into the methods used by the brands in growing their hemp.

Reputation of the Brand

Reputation sheds a lot of information regarding a business, its practices, and its approach to many things. The CBD market is booming, attracting a lot of newcomers into the industry, offering numerous products. We’ve investigated criteria such as reliability and trustworthiness of brands, with input from customers.

Traceability and Transparency

Being knowledgeable about the product being purchased is a good practice. It does not necessarily apply to the buyer. Sellers also benefit from adopting a total transparency approach. It helps the brand win the customer’s trust and, in turn, enhances sales.

We’ve reviewed brands, checked the degree of traceability being offered by the brand, implying, disclosing information pertaining to the source of products – where it is grown and whether the product is tested.

Also, its in-house testing or testing done by an external laboratory and whether reports are available. If available, are they accessible to the buyer, or at least can they be procured upon request.

Ease of Shopping

With most legal issues out of the way, CBD products are treated on par with other consumer goods. Thus, a good purchasing experience comes into play, which involves marketing and customer care in addition to a user-friendly online store.

Additionally, we will discuss the aforementioned critical parameters for each of the brands listed here and provide our verdict that highlights the specific characteristics of the products and what makes each of them unique. Having said that, let’s get started and discuss our top picks of hemp bud brands.