The finest CBD is characterized by features such as terpenes, CBD levels, and processing methods. An exceptional quality flower can be distinguished from regular ones with the help of these criteria.


The hemp plant’s smell and taste are mainly dependent on the terpenes found in the hemp plant. They are aromatic molecules responsible for the characteristic taste and smell of the cannabis plant, in addition to its therapeutic benefits and medicinal values. It is the most significant feature that helps tell the premium flower apart.

CBD Content

CBD level contributes substantially to the benefit you are expecting from the hemp flower. In case of pain relief, the amount of CBD has to exceed a specific number to be effective. Typically, the value for an average bud is 10 to 15%. There are also specialty strains available that are rich in CBD and ensure CBD content greater than 20%.

Processing Methods

The processing method plays a pivotal role in the selection process or while purchasing CBD flowers. Checking if it has been seeded or checking if it has been cured properly and trimmed right is essential. This is particularly important when buying the flower and not so much when buying a product made from extracted CBD.

Most brands have transparency policies that let you access the processing method employed. However, a consumer purchasing a product online generally trusts the brand or counts on visual clues to identify premium products.